High Tech Snow Chain Spikes-Spider


Safety on ice and snow!

In 30 seconds on the wheels

  • Worldwide officially approved as snow chain!
  • Also suitable for conventional alloy wheels and narrow wheel clearances!
  • No assembly behind the wheel! - Your clothes remain clean and dry!
  • Better performance on ice than conventional snow chains!
  • Easily mountable even once your vehicle is stuck already!
  • Simple size adjustment!
  • Suitable for the hardest winter (down to -40°C)!
  • Much more durable compared to conventional snow chains!
  • Wear parts and components may be replaced easily!



Mounting of your Spikes-Spider is so simple...

Mount the adapter before winter season.

Push the Spikes-Spider on the wheel...

... until the Spider touches the adapter.

Lock the Spider with the disc.

Ready to GO!


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