Product Pirates

Dear customer,

more and more companies from abroad - most often from Asia - try to imitate high quality products of well known brands. Production, sales as well as purchasing of product copies is illegal and is being penalized by jurisdiction with high fines. The "winner" are unethical racketeers who want to enrich themselves with products of poor quality and 
paying low wages. The harmed are consequently the manufacturer of the original products due to investments for
development and higher production costs and the client who buys a product of low quality at an "attractive price"
which might be dangerous to ones or even to somebody elses health. Some of the most important things to know:


  • Copies harm international patents!
  • Not only the products are being copied, meanwhile even official test certificates and logos (i.e. TÜV) are
       being copied, without having passed the necessary certification.

  • Product copies may look alike, but usually are made of minor materials which "strip down" within short after
  • Caution!! There is a potential risk even at low speed that your vehicle or other traffic participants may get
       damaged or harmed by separating and braking parts.

  • If you use product copies, you might loose your insurance coverage!

Help us to protect our products against illigal product pirates. In case you are offered a copy product (i.e.: "Great Spider") or you have bought a copy product without knowing, we would like to help you, even to get your money back. Please send us an e-mail by using our contact form, naming the product and giving us the contact details of the seller/ point of sale. 

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