Spikes-Spider Alpine PRO

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The perfect solution for commercial use!
Especially for vans with up to 2,5 t axle load.

For passenger cars MPVs, SUVs and commercial vehicles

In 30 seconds on the wheels

The perfect solution for commercial use! Especially for vans with up to 2,5 t axle load. The Spikes-Spider Alpine PRO is a patented innovation of the Spikes-Spider fast mounting system and is the perfect solution for vehicles with up to 2,5 t axle load.

A very high quality of a heavy duty material makes the Spikes-Spider Alpine PRO to be essential for the safe use of SUVs, 4x4s, vans, pick ups, small buses and vehicles used by express, emergency and other transport services in winter.

The Spikes-Spider Alpine PRO is specially designed for time saving, durability and safety and is mounted within 30 seconds to the wheels and removed as fast again.

A perfect shaping of the hardened steel tracks provides best grip, high performance and gives on safety on ice and snow.

The new and worldwide patented adjusting element of the SPIKES-SPIDER ALPINE PRO allows the chain to be easily lengthened or shortened by up to 19 cm.

Each of the five available SPIKES-SPIDER ALPINE PRO sizes can therefore easily be fitted to more than 80 different tire sizes, which makes it possible to use the same snow chain on a number of different vehicles.

Important: The Spikes-Spider Adapter is needed for mounting of the Spikes-Spider System and needs to be chosen separately.

Spikes-Spider Adapter


The universal SPIKES-SPIDER adapter is needed for all SPIKES-SPIDER-models. And it can be used all your life.

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