Support Documents

Do you wish to step deeper into our product assortment? This is the right place to do it. Below you’ll find additional documents and information as well as print medias for downloads (format.pdf):


Installation and Operation Manuals:

Manual Compact

2,03 MB

Manual Sport from Sept. 2010

4,90 MB

Manual Sport

555 KB

Manual Alpine / Alpine Pro

4,88 MB

Manual Adapter

1,21 MB

Manual Easy Sport / Easy Alpine Pro

1,16 MB


Brochure "Spikes-Spider - Compact / Sport / Alpine"

590 KB

Brochure "Spikes-Spider - Easy Sport / Easy Alpine Pro"

3,70 MB


Cert. ÖNORM Austria Spikes-Spider Sport / Carrier

89 KB

Cert. ÖNORM Austria Spikes-Spider Compact

248 KB

Cert. ÖNORM Austria Spikes-Spider Alpine

302 KB

Cert. KBA Spikes-Spider Sport / Carrier

122 KB

Cert. KBA Spikes-Spider Compact

119 KB

Cert. KBA Spikes-Spider Alpine

304 KB

Approval Switzerland Sport

275 KB

Approval Switzerland Compact

280 KB

Approval Switzerland Alpine

40 KB

TUEV approval Sport

155 KB

TUEV approval Compact

344 KB

TUEV approval Alpine

271 KB

Spare Parts and Components:

Spare parts and accessories with pictures